22 May 2010

Same Ol Same Ol

I really have not had much going on here. The drugs have been driving me insane. Work has been boring. The weather has been nice.

I did go out for fondue this week with the girls. It was a very nice night out with them. I can't wait til camping in July. Did find out, however, the Cooter that I was comparing the 2 schools of health on trying to get pregnant back here was actually pregnant at that outing. She lost the baby on Mother's Day though. My poor girl. She's still not done with the miscarriage. Then she needs to have more tests to see what the inside of her baby house is made. That was most likely the reason she lost this pregnancy. I love that girl. I've been friends with her from the time where she refused to ever have children to now. I guess we are all growing up and growing old.

I'm excited for my plans for this weekend. I'm going to clean and mow the lawn the today and go grocery shopping. Yes. I'm happy to go grocery shopping. I've needed to go for a couple of weeks now and it's a bitch trying to figure out what to make for dinner with nothing here. I'm looking forward to mowing the lawn because it's bright and sunny and I can try and catch some sun!

I should really get going and clean up the kitchen hell before heading outside :)

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Brian said...

So sorry to hear of your friends loss. A miscarriage is a tough thing to get through.

You're weekend plans sound a lot like mine. Toss in a little bit of planting some new shrubs and we're an exact match!