27 May 2010

It's a Mess!

This is what I came home to today. What a freakin mess!!

Hubby is running a new electric service to the garage. He also pulled out the stumps of the couple of trees. This destruction wasn't suppose to happen for a couple of days yet.

Otherwise, life has been boring. I don't have much to say that's interesting. Get up. Go to work. Have blood pressure rise. Come home. Make dinner. Watch tv. Go to bed. Repeat. Exciting huh?

I should get back to my tv. It might get lonely without me.


Hubman said...

If your hubby is anything like me, he's having fun "working" with that excavator!

Brian said...

I second the Hubman! If the hubz is getting to play with that back hoe/excavator thingy - I am jealous!

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