15 May 2010

Rough Week

This week flew buy with tons of pain and suffering. The bosses took me out for drinks on Wednesday. It was the official end to a failed month of trying and I was not in the best frame of mind for drinking because of that. There were shots and beer flowing and we were having a great time. I even got the official ok to be taken off a call when we find someone to hire to cover it. I am so excited for that! I'd have a human life! The night went downhill after that. I ended up walking around the yard for over an hour after I got home feeding the squirrels. I eventually passed out in some serious rough shape. I had to go to work the next day. They taught me years ago that if I want to run with the big dogs I better do what the big dogs do and that is get your ass up and make it to work ontime. I really should have said fuck it. Throwing up in the car when you hit the parking lot is not a good thing. I was just a pile of bar rag smelling dog shit in my corner. It took me most of the morning to come around but never came around completely. Luckily after I told the bosses that I fucking hate their ass(exact words btw) they left me to my own misery.

I did get a good night of sleep Thursday night and felt fresh as a daisy going in on Friday. Boss decided to give me a late afternoon ass chewing/chat so I was late as hell getting out of there. I didn't want to be late because I had poker to play! The damn peer pressure made me crack a beer. I guess it helped. Poker was looking pretty bleak for me. I then got a hand with a 6 of hearts and a 9 of hearts with half nekkid chicks on them. I figured that had to be a sign. It was a damn good sign. I ended up with a flush. Two of the guys went all in on that hand. I knocked both of them out at once. I think that was a first. The game ended up with the only 2 women there winning the pot. I technically took first. We played another round and I started falling asleep at the table so they had me drink a Captain and Pepsi. I have not had one of those in many many many years. Me and the Captain fought one night and I hadn't invited him since. A few sips and I felt like dog shit. Luckily that hand went quick and I bolted home to bed. I just really need to quit drinking for a bit. I still don't feel 100%.

Today involves demolition of trees in the yard. I have a huge crab apple and a huge pear tree in the back yard. They need to go. They are both the prettiest trees in the spring. Beyond that the mess is just unbearable. My car looks like a princess-mobile with all the flower petals stuck to it. Then the apples stick. The pears cover the ground when they fall off and just make a big ol mess. Today they are going. I better get my nap in before the boys get back.

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Brian said...

Do you have a fireplace? Apple & pear make great firewood. It'll have to dry for a year, but that stuff burns long & hot.

Feeding the squirrels. That's a new one.

6 & 9 of hearts with half nekkid chicks and you call it a good sign? What are you saying, hmmmm? A lot of guys would love to see that, but you too? Now THAT would be a fun night!