10 May 2010

No Cancer! Yay!

I finally got off my ass last week and went to a dermatologist to have some moles looked at. My grandma had skin cancer so there is a family history. Also, let's face it, I love my sun. I love the natural and the fake. I've had burns so bad that I blistered and stuck to my clothing. (Note to share: Do not take a nap on Daytona Beach in the middle of August) I'm one of those sun worshiping people who bronze up and retain that color for an extended period of time. Being pasty puts me in a bad mood.

I guess I had a couple on my back that were questionable. They scraped the top off and plunked a bandaid on it and I was on my way. The more I waited, the more I was concerned that there was something there. It would be my luck.

I got the phone call today that they were negative. There were some semi abnormal cells but nothing to worry about. If the moles come back they'll actually dig them out. I am relieved. That would suck. I am glad I did finally suck it up and got them checked out.


Hubman said...

Yay is right!!!

Brian said...

Geeze, you should have told us a long time ago. We coulda harassed ya into seeing the doc. All your innerwebz buddies perform the nagging service for free ya know!

Still - glad the results came back negative. Being a northerner too, I share your love of the good solid roasting in the sun.

Plus, tan lines can be kind of fun to explore & play with.