11 April 2010

Why I Suck As A Future Mother....

I really got to examine what the hell I'm doing this weekend with one of the fellow Cooters trying to become a mommy too. I feel like the world's worst mother wanting to be compared to her.

She's going at it the old fashioned way of drug free and hoping for the best. She's a few years older than me and so is her hubby. She quit smoking and gave up drinking. It was the first get together where she didn't have even 1 drink. She said she may be pregnant. She adhered to her water and soda the whole time.

Then there's me. I'm taking fertility drugs right off the bat. I have yet to give up the nasty habit but I've been able to cut back and not kill anyone yet. Drinking? If anything my consumption has gone up because I don't know if I'll be on a 9 month rest. Hell, last weekend I drank my ass off with the plans of taking a pregnancy test in the morning. I figure the kid hasn't implanted yet and isn't getting anything off of me.

I so suck at this. No wonder why I'm not pregnant yet.

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