11 April 2010

Oh My Aching Liver

I took the day off Friday to spend with the Cooters. We started off early having breakfast and then went to play some bingo. That was hard and we were even sober! Supplies were picked up on the way home and then the drinking began. Mojitos were the drink of choice. They were also the last nail in the coffin for the night. Some parts got a little fuzzy there. I somehow won the card game we were playing. I don't know how. I just remember looking at my last hand and I could not focus long enough to figure out what I needed to have before layin it down. It was rough. Dinner I barely touched. We grilled steaks. I ate 3 bites. Then it just got not so pretty. Death would have been a good option. I stayed up a long while after dying and that seemed to help. I spent the night there so I didn't have to worry about driving or getting in a vehicle. I was within walking distance of home. I walked home twice that night. Walking is just what I do when I'm drunk. It seems to stay in sync with the spins. Wow. What a ramble.

Yesterday I helped some friends paint inside their house that they just bought. They are going to be within walking distance of home too! I'm so excited for them to move in. Painting takes forever! Painting everything in a house takes even longer! I can honestly say I didn't touch a drop. I kept up and just felt tired and sore like I would normally feel after a night of not drinking.

I just slept in till noon and now I'm trying to find ambition to start my day. I need to do laundry. I want to clean up the yard. I have the windows open and the coffee going but nothing is helping me wake up. Maybe I'll post later about how horrible of a mother wanting to be I am.

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