19 April 2010

That'll Cost You

I once again threw myself on the mercy of the FAA today to get to the east coast. The travel gods shined down upon me. It was a perfect travel day. I was to the airport right on time. My flight took off on time. Baggage showed up. I only had to wait 2 minutes for my rental car shuttle. The car was ready with the keys and paperwork on the dash for me so I didn't have to wait at a counter. I tell ya, it was heavenly. Traffic could have been much worse. The hotel rocks. This has to be a sign.

I did my travel day check in with the local company that I'm working with. It seems that the customer is ignoring them and don't want to do this. They are also being asses and not returning calls. As it stands right now, I have no work here this week and there is a good chance I'll be flying home tomorrow. That was the price I paid for a good travel day.

Another thing that gets my goat is the news of Spirit Airlines charging $45 for a carry on that cannot be put under the seat. I guess I'd be ok. I shove my bag down below come hell or high water. They are stating it's due to the number of passengers carrying on roller bags and there isn't enough room in the overheads to store them. I must say that I've seen a marked increase of the number of people with roller carry on baggage since the airlines started charging for checked bags. Now the people who are creative enough to get away with that are now going to have to pay for that bag too? Why? What's next? Pay toilet paper? If they wanted to make money, just increase the ticket prices and hide it. Passengers would be none the wiser. It isn't like we can figure out how the hell ticket pricing works. It's easier to pick roulette numbers than figure out the system for airfare.

I personally check one bag and have my computer bag as my carry on. I'm irritated with the fee to check one bag but there is no way I could pack that much into a roller bag. I have streamlined my packing down to this. People that irritate me are the ones who pack as much as they can in into a roller bag that just makes the measurements to be a carry on and then have a purse/bag that big enough to pack a computer and enough shit for a week. Then they wonder why their bag doesn't fit in the overhead and just stand there. Ugh. Move it people!

Time to start looking for dinner. Kinda hungry even though I just ate a few hours ago. I just love way my meals are screwed up on the travel day. Usually I can cope. Actually, usually I leave and get to my place so damn late that I can fit in a dinner before passing out. Well, time to see what pizza coupons are out there.

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Brian said...

You ever get a trip to Rochester let me know. I an show you places for either great meals or frugal meals. Maybe even both at once.