30 July 2011

Bedrest News

One of the shitty things about being on bed rest and whole flow of my room is the difficulty I have typing on my computer. I keep thinking of blog updates but it's too much of a pain to type it out. Enough I say! I'm setting up the email posting again or emailing myself the post from my phone or something to make it work. I can point and click til the cows come home with the help of the flying Dell mouse.
This last week has been up and down and not so much baby related. It seemed every other day sucked. It started with an ear infection on Tuesday.  Thursday I started running a fever and death sounded good. Nobody seems to know where the fever came from but I'm glad it's gone. The ear infection doesn't hurt so much now but I still get pains.

Last weekend I almost completely lost my mind. I cracked. Prisoners in solitary have more freedom than I did. I freaked out the family. I made the nursing staff concerned. Hell. I was giving up. My doc had mercy on me on Monday before leaving for vacation.  He's allowing me 1 wheelchair ride outside for fresh air everyday as long as everything is behaving. I've gotten to use it every other day this week but it has been a life saver. My mental health has completely changed.

It seems my restrictions haven't been so harsh lately since I'm behaving. I'm taking a few more steps around the room. I'm taking longer, more relaxing and complete showers.  I even shaved my own legs today and used separate shampoo and conditioner!

I am still amazed at the fact that I haven't worn a bra at all for over 2 weeks now. Bras and IV tubing don't work well together. Speaking of IV tubing, I no longer have a traditional IV. I blew my most recent one on Thursday. Since it appears I'm going to be here awhile it was decided to do something more permanent. On Thursday I got wheeled down to radiology and got a picc line placed. For those who don't know what these are, lemme give you a basic overview. Basically it's the inside of my upper arm in a tender spot that they numbed up and cut into to find the brachial vein. They popped that open and fished a guide wire in from there into my heart. A quick shot of Xray to prove placement and then the put the plastic tube over it and pulled out the wire. Everything is taped up and now my IV is hook up up there and running almost directly into my heart. Freaky sounding huh?

Cletus has been strong and happy as a clam.  His movement is getting stronger and I wish hubby could feel it. He's so deep in my pelvis that I can't feel him move on the outside. We had an ultrasound on Monday to check him and his pool. His pool is still a puddle but not completely dry. He's growing great. His measurements are about a week ahead of his age. Go boy! The stitches are holding well and somehow I grew some cervix back!  Yay me! We didn't get new pictures since his head was so low and the lack of fluid for contrast :(  The next check will be in another week from now. Such a long wait!

I promise I want to post more but as for right now, it is nap time.


Alfro said...

Thats all good news.

Enjoy your time outside in the sun. It's surprising how little things like a shower and some fresh air can improve things.

Take care of yourself, and cletus.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Have you had the steroid shots to mature his lungs? If not, I would request it.

I'm glad to hear he is still hanging around and being all wiggly! :-) That's great news! Give your tummy a loving rub from me. :-)