15 July 2011

Another Curveball

These last few days just continued the nightmare from a few weeks ago. It started off with cramps that kept me up at night so I was tired and crabby from no sleep. Thursday morning I woke up a little more moist if you get my drift. Luckily I had an appointment with ultrasound that morning. Hubby and I made our way and I got my Starbucks on the way up with a gut feeling of I wasn't going to be coming back down. They were running behind which is rare. The cramps were killing me and hubby rubbed my belly diligently. We finally made it back for the ultrasound and I asked the tech if she could take a look at the fluid just to make sure.

Good fucking thing I did.

We met with the doc after and when he started going through the current med list to scratch on a post it I knew we were in for it. Cletus's swimming pool is now a puddle. Where the fluid went was a mystery at this time but the cramps with it were not a good sign.

Off to the hospital room I went. I got tucked in. Doc came to visit and scared the shit out of me. Infection, immediate birth, and scenarios were spewed at me. A neonatologist was sent in. I sent her away til hubby got back. He ran home quick to grab my bag. We did the consult and got the statistics and odds and what to expect. She left and the meltdown began. It had to come out.

I melted and then drooled on myself with the mother of all headaches. Turns out the drugs to stop the cramping and/or contractions are notorious for headaches. I drooled and then got some Tylenol. That somehow did the trick.

Doc came back in the evening and some signs were pointing towards a uti but he wanted to have a catheter sample to test. That one came back negative. He poked at my belly and then felt pretty confident that the infection was not my uterus and the whole scenario of immediate birth would be reduced.

We made it through the night and labs were repeated. They looked the same as yesterday so probably no infection. Yay! Bad news was the dive in the magic baby door did look like amniotic fluid was there but all the tests didn't agree.

Consults were called in around the state. Plans were made and confirmed. Treat me as if the water is broken.

What does that mean you ask? Well, that means a course of several antibiotics by iv and by mouth for 5 days and then see what happens. I'm not talking just pea shooter drugs. I've had 2 different kinds today. One sucked so bad. It burned to beat all hell. My hand swelled up with irritation. I puked my brains out and just was sick. We have to do it again tomorrow but they are going to use some drugs to hopefully make it suck less.

On a side note, I hadn't lost cervix since Monday. Go figure. Doc said that was the last of his worries right now. I'm just glad the stitches are up there and holding.

Now we are just relaxing and gestating. I will be in the hospital for the duration. I hope it it's 10 weeks at least but prepared for less. Every day is a blessing and I will treat it as such.


Jay said...

Ol' Cletus can just be patient for a while. He can just hang out in his little hotel room and order up room service and occasionally give you a few kicks to let you know he's a ninja and all that fun stuff.

Alfro said...

Been thinking about you.
Take Care of yourself.
Passing along good thoughts for you and Cletus.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sorry you're having such a tough go. I've known babies as early as 22 - 23 weeks who turn out fine, but for right now, I will pray for at least 24 weeks. When you pass that, I will pray for 28 weeks. When you pass that, I will pray for 32 weeks.

I know this hasn't been easy for you, but you are doing all the right things. I'm keeping you in my good thoughts and prayers. {{{Hugs}}}

bikinfool said...

Jebus AC! Puting out the prayers, good vibes and all my karma kredits for ya. Think of it, servants to wait on you hand & foot for the next 10 weeks! Just gotta get past these nasty meds. Hang tough!

Joker_SATX said...

Big prayers going your way Chica...I am truly hoping that all turns out well.