09 July 2011

It's All About Routine

I've set myself into a routine here at home which is helpful for my sanity. Want to hear how it goes? No? Well tough shit, you're getting it anyways....

8ish: wake up and stumble to livingroom, get coffee from whoever is here, maybe, and eventually get something to eat from them, watch morning news, maybe a movie or computer or just drool

10ish- Watch Price Is Right and feel bad that Drew has been pressured to wreck the show

11ish-Start thinking about lunch and that I probably should take a shower

Noonish- Eat while watching the news, hit the shower for real

1ish-330ish- Nap time in the bed! Stretch out and try and nap. If that doesn't work, watch The Doctors, read my Kindle, or just drool

4ish- Back up in recliner. Bust out computer and surf for various things (baby stuff, vehicles, yarn) Start to think about dinner

Sometime after 5- Dinner! Also start knitting another hat

7ish-prime time tv begins!

9ish-take drugs

30 min post drugs- pass out and sleep like a rock

Sounds like a rock star life huh?

Really, having these knitting looms to make hats has been a God send from one of my friends. It gives me something to focus on in the evening and not go bat shit crazy now. The hats are nothing fancy. I hate strict directions. I'm just enjoying making beaners for Beaner :) Any extras will be donated to my hospital. Lord knows that at a hat an evening I can probably make a few :) When I'm back in the hospital I'm pretty sure I can fit 2 a day into my schedule.

How long til the next hospital stay you ask? I couldn't tell you a bit. Doc wouldn't commit to the criteria for readmission either. He did, however, have me book the next two weeks of appointments so that seems promising :) The ultrasound that we had on Thursday showed my cervix was still nice and closed and about 1.7 cm yet. That was a net loss of .2 cm from my discharge last Sunday. He said he was very happy with that. Beaner was just havin himself a gay ol time in his resort. Got some new 3D pics of him where he doesn't look so much like a pig. I would have had them scanned in but not allowed to be doing that....

I think I may break my routine a little bit here to score a short nap before the Saturday fun begins :) Cleaning and movie night!

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