24 May 2011

Stressed Out Panic

As if pregnancy hormones weren't enough to put a chick on the edge of sanity, then my job has to chime in.

This week there are supposed to be 3 firings and 2 have already quit. For a company of less than 50, that is a lot of people! It fucks with schedules. It may push me into a more physically demanding position for awhile til people can be hired and trained to replace. I just don't have it in me. If it gets to that I'll probably call the doc and see if he can excuse me from that type of work. My ol' ticker just can't deal with that much stress.

One of the firings is my counter part who shares the same job title and description as me. This useless piece of colon waste needed to be fired along time ago. Every month it seems like he fucks something up and is supposed to be fired but somehow sweets talks his way out of it. It will be a believe it when I see it but I'm hoping the infraction this time will be severe enough to seal the deal. Basically, he turned in his work phone due to reception issues. The phone was wiped and then was borrowed by a minor relative of the boss. Well, a day later boss was hanging with the minor and they were fiddling with phones. Low and behold, here's pictures of the idiot's junk from all angles. That goes against company policy and now his minor relative was exposed to cock shots of this moron. I hope this is enough to get the job done.

Cletus the Fetus is doing good as far as I can tell. Waiting for the day that he/she starts kicking the shit out of me to let me know all is good. They say the second trimester is the easy one. I'm not thinking so. I'm still tired as all hell. Eating my brains out. Still can't touch real beef. My boobs feel like needles are being stuck through my nipples and my feet are swelling like beach balls. Oh well.

The holiday weekend will be fun. Spending it at my sister's place. My parents will be there. I'm not really looking forward to this. I can't stand my sister bitching about my parents and my parents being morons. I'll grin and bear it though. Hope everyone else is doing something more fun. I'm going to bed.


Joker_SATX said...

The economy sucks some real monkey balls right now. I don't care what anyone says. I am on the edge of some of my customers having budget cuts...and so that means less money for me.

Good luck to you with this one chica..just remember that at the end of the day, the most important person here is Cletus!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

As hard as you've worked to get pregnant, I would strongly suggest to your OB that you cannot be lifting things. Also, keep your feet elevated as much as possible. That will keep some of the swelling down.

I can't believe that pervert took pictures of his junk on the company phone. What a moron! And, really gross.

bikinfool said...

So you're going to have some job openings, eh? When might your outfit post the positions on the innerwebz, hmmm?