07 May 2011

13 Weeks and Some Other Shit

I'll start with some other shit. The weather here is finally starting to feel like it should. This is a good thing since Cooterfest is next week and we'll be out camping in our old tent with no electricity or running water. This is crazier than shit this year since I can't drink and neither can another Cooter because she's pregnant too. This is a first in the many many years of this Fest. Instead of getting plastered by noon I plan on doing some quality reading, laughing, and pissing on nature. Oh shoot, that reminds me. I need to blow up my new air mattress to make sure there's no defects in it. I better get packing today. Wednesday is coming awfully quick!

Yesterday my neighbors and best friends got hitched at the courthouse. Actually I assume that they did. Haven't heard from them since before the time. This was a technicality wedding in my eyes. They are doing the whole chapel service and reception in October. This hurry up vows was due to her losing her job due to reorganization and they closed her office. Let me also add she's in the middle of an IVF cycle. They are some of the luckiest in the country with her insurance covering fertility treatments. Luckily she has a long enough severance package with benefits to make it through the end of this cycle but then if she doesn't have a job and is pregnant, then what? Hence the wedding. She can get on her now husband's insurance and not have a lapse in coverage. Congrats to the happy couple :) Hopefully I can waddle down the aisle for them in October :)

I really want to know who came and threw up all over my house this week. I wasn't here much and when I was I was asleep. I'm looking around now and seeing all the filth and clutter and I now know what the hell I'm doing today!

I would like to also touch on these damn gas prices. The good ol President has seemed to have enjoyed the kick in the shorts to the American public because it gives him more open ears to his clean energy plans. How the fuck are we supposed to buy new cars that support clean energy when we can't afford the fucking gas to get to the fucking job to make the money to buy the new car?? Swift thinking there dude. First make these things available and at an affordable price and have the infrastructure available to support these vehicles, then start putting the pressure on the oil consumption ok? If I bought a natural gas car right now, first I don't know where I could get one and what kind of lead time. Second, there's not that many places around here that have natural gas pumps! 5 more years and I'll run for president on healthcare reform and energy replacement with brains.

Lastly, Cletus the Fetus is 13 weeks old! Yay!!! Since I have ultrasound on staff at work, yesterday I had one do me a scan. It is so amazing and surreal that there is an actual human in my belly that I haven't expelled in some sort of colonic upset. That little grain of sand with a flutter in it now actually has a head and some arms and legs and a big ol umbilical cord. I got to see some ninja kicks and spasms. I didn't feel any of them but I'm sure I will in time. I don't think it has really set in that there really is a little human in there. I see pictures. I feel like shit. They tell me these are all signs of it but until I get punched or kicked, I don't know if it will really set in. Either way, I have so much love for that black and white static looking thing. I've now made it past the miscarriage phase. I wonder if my sister will talk to me now. She wouldn't accept the pregnancy and get excited until this point because she's seen too many miscarriages. Not sure if this is a good thing since the last time she did talk to me she reamed me a new asshole for my choice in doctors and that I'm going to be diabetic because I'm such a fucking fat ass and I need to start being treated like I am now and I'm going to hurt my baby because I'm going to be diabetic because I'm so fat. Yeah. Enough with that. I'm just so happy that I could give myself the Mother's Day present of pictures of my baby. I emailed one to my parents and just sent the whole exam on a cd up with hubby for his parents. I think the Grandmas will be happy with the pictures too. On a side note, this little one is being an overachiever too. According to the measurements and the Borg (not everyone knows what company I'm talking about but will chuckle if they do), my little one is measuring a week ahead of gestation. He/she is measuring out at 14 weeks when it's only 13 weeks. Lord help my vagina if this keeps up.


Joker_SATX said...

Well congrats on the soon to be be new mouth to feed! That pic was Awesome!

Sounds like you are having fun and yeah, so you won't be able to drink at the festival...still you have more important reasons why! Kudos to you!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a cutie! Great pic . :-) Happy Mother's Day!

bikinfool said...

Cletus is looking mighty fine!

We're finally getting some real spring weather here too. Had my first $60+ fill up this afternoon too. Crazy stuff.

Have yourself a great camping trip next week. It'll be a good time to unwind & recharge.