26 March 2011

The Ultrasound Is In!

Yesterday was my early 7 week ultrasound and I was excited and scared in equal parts all at the same time. Hubby came along too. The nice part was the ultrasound tech was the same one that did a fair amount of my scans at the fertility clinic so she already knows my hoo-hoo. In went the probe and go the bearing and there the bean was. Just chillin away. Unfortunately, the damn ovaries were in the way. Well, there was one that was in the way. It had a couple of huge cysts on it and pushing my little bean over. Hubby is calling the cysts the bean's two Olympic sized swimming pools next door. Bean's size is perfectly on schedule for gestational age. There was only 1 bean and that is a relief. I would have loved 2 but 1 is great and more would have been a nightmare. Doctor is pleased and put me on some physical restrictions while those cysts resolve.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to AverageBaby!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Awesome speck!!! I love it. Did you get a heart rate? I say anything under 140 is a boy and over is a girl. Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Go bean! Go bean!

Now pay attention to your restrictions!