20 March 2011

Rip VanAverageChick

Sleeping. It seems that's all I'm doing lately. Get up. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Go to bed. Repeat.

The boredom and lack of excitement is killing me! Spent yesterday with the family. My mother can't follow directions so I ended up with a crew of family heading towards my trashed pile of bricks. Add on I heaving my brains out and the day was complete! I got people detoured to the local burger joint instead of my house and that started the fun. French fries really do cure morning sickness. Then the womens of the family were off to a baby shower. The men folk packaged up and headed to the local airplane museum.

The lady who's shower we were at was glowing and looking as big as the present table. I'm impressed with her shower. One game to be played through the gift opening and good food galore. I think that was the most pleasurable shower I've been at in a long long time. The extended family was there and some were complete assholes and some were pleasant. Two piss trips and a pile of vegetables and we were off.

By this time jeans were very uncomfortable after having to sit upright and human like in a chair. My mom's driver seat wasn't very comfortable either so I had mentioned it. I then followed up that my sister didn't need to call me a pussy, that I know. She just said that this ain't shit yet and to suck it up. My mother laid into then. Wow. Frankly, I'm really hurt by my sister. She's refusing to share any joy in this and is a Debbie Downer. She said she won't be happy til the first trimester is done and until then she's not getting her hopes up til then. I was happy for her right off the bat, be it first trimester or not. I guess I should have known that whatever joy I ever put forth for family members in there time of celebration will never come back to me. Yes. I am bitter.

My mother also mentioned that we should get family pictures done real soon before the next member is here. That's the last thing I want is a picture of me. My hair needs a highlight job. I got horrible roots. I'm also feeling like a 14 with the breakout I'm having. It's kicking me in the ass since I survived the suicidal tendencies of Accutaine. That was some awesome shit and I'd let my kid take it in a heartbeat if it has to be. I know it's all hormones but nothing irritates me more more than having to pop zits on my face again.

Dinner after the shower was fun. Grandparents entertained the grandkids and I finally got to talk with the sister's newish BF. He's a hoot! I like this guy! We got to talk geek a bit and sis and hubby's faces just went blank.

After dinner we hung out at their hotel pool. There was no way I was swimming. We had more of the little ones from the family come so us adults just hung out and watched the kids and shot the shit. Spent about an hour in there and my bewitching hour passed and I was falling asleep in the chair. What freakin fun! Home we came and had the permanent smell of bleach burnt into our noses and mouths. Yuck!

Another night of sleep in and here we are! Rainy and depressing. I'm thinking it's a great day for naps and trying this laying around thing :)


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Welcome to the world of sleepiness. I think it's nature's way of prepping us for the sleepless nights with a newborn. :-)

bikinfool said...

Sounds like you've got a grip on the morning sickness. My daughter-in-aw has the morning, noon & night sickness and is pretty much living on saltines & ginger ale. That'll change soon I hope.

Your sister has an odd way of showing support. She'll come around eventually, right?