16 January 2011

Coffee and Quiet Reflection

I'm a bit of a coffee addict if you will. If it is anytime before bedtime, I'm down for a cup of java. Even up until a short time ago I never truly understood the need for decaf coffee. I always figured if you didn't want the caffeine then what is the point of drinking it. I now know. I've cut back my caffeinated coffee consumption by almost 100%. I just put a little sprinkle of full octane coffee in the basket when I make it now and use decaf the rest of the way. (I do NOT have the desire to go through caffeine withdraws.) The transition hasn't been too bad. Currently I'm just jonesing for a Coke. I know they make caffeine free Coke except my ass hasn't been to a store yet to make it a reality. Hopefully today I'll get out there. After the tree. After the laundry. After a shower...you know the drill.

Baby making has been intensive around here. I started the shots on time and it wasn't all that bad. Then I got tired and the headaches kicked in. Headaches required more drugs which made me more tired. It was a vicious cycle. My first ultrasound was encouraging. I wasn't quiet ready to lay those eggs but everything was growing nicely and in amounts that it should. Continue on the shots for a couple of days and have another ultrasound. The second one showed that I was ready and perfectly controlled to start the next step. The next step was a big shot in the ass and start to have sex. Time for green flag racing folks!

Night 1 was fun. Night 2 was very good but took awhile. Night 3 was painful, lackluster, and just wanted it to be done. I'm glad it was only scheduled for 3 nights in a row. My cootch can't take much more. It hurts. My belly hurts. My clit is a shambles. It all just needs a break!

Today I start the "crotch candy." They are hormone pills up the cooter to maintain the lining to give the hitchhiker a soft landing and something to grab onto. I'm a bit nervous about these. My bff has had a few cycles with them and has been nothing but tired while on them. She takes them only once a day and I'm prescribed to take them twice a day. I went to pick those up yesterday and that leads me to another rant.

The price of this shit is outrageous!! I'm sure boner pills don't cost this much! I went to pick up the crotch candy and the lady said that it was going to be $210. I had all the bank accounts and credit card balances flash in front of my eyes as I became a bit woozy. I then whipped out the hubby's insurance card and asked if they could run it through as a secondary. She said it's one or the other unless if one is a government program (that is a bunch of bullshit but that is for another rant). She ran it through his and $20 was the total. Praise Jeebus! I could handle that! I've also been working on the payments for the ultrasounds. $218 per 15 minutes of ultrasound and consultation. All out of pocket. So this month cost just shy of a grand for less than an hour worth of service. What a racket! I gotta figure out who to talk to about these prices. Well. I hope and pray that this was the only month.

On a lighter note, now that I'm not chained to the penis and prostitution priced ultrasounds, I'm cleared for travel for work again and boy do they want me! I've already turned down 3 trips in this month. I'm home yet this week because I wasn't sure how things were going to time out but next week I'll be going to the lovely state of Virginia and the week after that I will be going to St Louis for a day. I have my trip already planned for food in St Louis. Waffle House, BBQ from SuperSmokers in Eureka, and a short trip to the Butterfly House before my flight back on Wednesday. I find it so odd that I'm flying there. The handful of times that I've been there before I've drove. This time the boss says he doesn't want me driving all that way so instead I must fly from an airport that is 2 hours away. Bless his heart he doesn't want to hear me bitch about driving in winter weather (I've already dealt with an ice storm and blizzard driving to or from St Louis.) or he wants to make sure the momma is safe and reduced stress. Even the bean counter is being nice and making sure that shit is prepaid or that she will have the money ready before my trip for the shit that she can't pay (fuck you rental cars). Good news is is I will be about 1 big trip away from elite status on Airtran as long as I do it in the next 3 months. The way these travel requests are coming in that shouldn't be a huge issue. I've never had that status before with an airline! Hell, I've never even come close!

I'm really freakin hungry now. I should shower, get my grocery shopping done, and make some breakfast then. Enough of my rants, let's hear yours!

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Anonymous said...

For $200 a guy can get enough boner pills to keep things going for a month. That includes breaks for breakfast & dinner and time to rub lotion on all the sore spots.

They're really not good for baby making though cuz to tell you the truth, the grand finale can take a while sometimes - like long enough for one to say "Aw, fuck it, I'm done!"

Hope this new regimen works out for you!

And if you ever head east, give me a heads up. I can point you to some really good BBQ here in Rochester.