22 January 2011


It will be a damn good thing that I'm on the road next week. I need a diversion. Everything is now a waiting game here. I'm worried that I don't "feel" any different other than the wanting to be in bed as soon as I get home from work. That disappoints me but I keep telling myself that it has to be too early. I get the occasional cramp but that is most likely nothing. I know whatever will be will be but this sounded to be the most promising month!

Shit. That reminds me. I should jack up the prescription coverage place. Sent my claim in 2 weeks ago and ain't seen shit. I'm pretty sure Medicare pays faster than that. If they send back the coin, them maybe we can afford to do next month. Or I may just take it off for sanity sake. On the flip side, I have a barely touched open vial of injectables that is only good for 28 days. The drugs I have on hand would probably get me through another cycle so it may be more prudent to go for another round. Ah hell. I'm just so damn confused on what I'm feeling.

Next week I'm off for a week in lovely Virginia for work. I'll be gone the whole week. The only bright side I like about these trips is that Monday and Friday are dedicated travel days. In theory I only work 3 days out of the week. I come back for a half day at the office and then travel again to St Louis the next week. I'm only gone til Wednesday but I'm ok with that.

Technically I can test on Thursday to see if this cycle was successful. That means I still have a full day of work in Virginia so I'm debating on testing Friday before coming home or Saturday so if it is negative I can have my breakdown and disconnect from the world in peace.

I must say that I've been sucky about responding to comments. I'm truly sorry about that. I appreciate each and every comment that is left on here. I thank everyone for your support. Someday this nightmare will end.

I'm off to find some food. That's one thing that has increased is my appetite which I could live without. So can my pants!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You already know both my babies were Clomid babies and I gained 5 to 7 lbs every cycle. Not to worry, though. I got it all off after ward. Do what ya gotta do. Don't let work or bills or anything take your eyes off the prize! ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Good luck AC, and safe travels. Cheers!!

Joker_SATX said...

Best of luck on your travels Chica! Be safe out there!