21 November 2010

Happy Freakin Holidays!!!

It has started. The mayhem and madness has started around the shack. The turkey is attempting to thaw in the fridge. I spent this weekend cleaning every nook so I don't have to do it on Wednesday. The menu is set for lunch with my parents at my house. After killing the first round of turkey we'll put up my Christmas tree. Then it is off to the inlaws to kill the turkey again. I'm going stupidly easy this year with only making one turkey and taking leftovers to the inlaws. They aren't that huge of a turkey eaters and I'm the only one that knows how to make one. My SIL tried one year. She failed miserably. This year I wouldn't be surprised if she brings a tofurkey. She's turned into a homeopathic/all natural freak show. I don't mind people who practice that stuff but don't be pushing it down my throat or anyone else's throat. It should be interesting. Maybe she'll get pissed off and leave the get together again.

Black Friday is on the agenda again this year. I've not seen very many good deals except for Target. Best Buy has shit in my book and don't know why people are camping out this year. I've picked out a tv at Target that I want but Hubby wants to make sure we get quality even if it means paying a little more. That means maybe I won't be heading out Friday morning. Honestly, I wouldn't be crushed. Electronic items scare me. Lines are ok but fighting for a big tv just may be too much for me. I prefer the recent years of learning that some of the sales start online at midnight. Hell, the one outlet mall here will be opening 11 pm on Thanksgiving.

I just finished my Christmas cards too. That may be a record. All they need is stamps and I just ordered them from the post office so I don't have to go out of my way to get them. Wahoo! I'll pay the buck for shipping if it means I don't have to venture to the post office!

The baby front is cruising along. It's in God's hands right now. I laid my eggs 4 days early last week. Caught me by surprise but luckily we started going at it early. Thursday had to be for sure the night that I blew them out. I was doing good all day. I ate dinner and before I finished my last bite it hit me. Searing pain and cramping that was unimaginable. I already had the pain pills on board and it over road it. Sitting was not happening. Standing had me doubled over. The only thing I could do was lay in the fetal position and cry. I was scared. I even entertained the thought of going to the ER. Round 2 of the pain pills got me sleepy enough that I slept it off. Friday was amusing. My belly was so very bloated. When I jiggled it with my hands I could feel fluids sloshing in there. Crazy shit. My friend told me to quit doing that. The swimmers are having enough problems finding the egg and the sloshing will confuse them even more! HA! Belly is starting to go down now. I've kept a diligent every other day schedule, laid on a pillow after, and made sure I got mine then. I don't know what else I can do but pray that the good Lord will bless me this month. I dread going to holiday functions again without having news. Grandma in law thought we were announcing a baby a couple of years ago already. It's starting to look funny that we've been married so long and don't have any little ones to show for it. I pray I have news this year.

I think I'll do some more shopping online here :) I do love this way to shop!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Praying for a Christmas miracle for you! :-)