27 November 2010

Current Events and Such

Dear North Korea:

What the FUCK is your FUCKING problem?!? You coming up in the shadow of Daddy and now you need to prove that you think you have a set of testicles and a 1" cock? Seriously. You are being a whiny fucking bitch and you just need to STFU. We know that you don't like your neighbor. Why? You have no good reason. I may not like some of my neighbors but I don't bomb the shit out of them. We should have just nuked your ass how many years back and made South Korea an island if we knew you were going to act like this. And these are my final words to you: YOU are NO BETTER than ANYONE else. Get off your horse and come back to reality.

The Rest Of The World

So that's my feelings on foreign policy right now with them bastards. I think I've decided I should run for president in 2016. My platform for insurance reform and foreign policy should get me somewhere right?

Black Friday occurred yesterday and I stayed my happy ass in my nice warm bed. Below zero windchills and having nobody to go with with no definite plan helped make the decision. The hours that they are opening are really starting to get out of control. 10 pm on Thanksgiving night for Toys R Us? 3 am for Kohls? That's just dumb. The local Toys R Us had to postpone the opening to get the cops there to help control the crowd coming in. I would also like to comment on the timing of the online sales. Historically I've fought the turkey coma to stay up til midnight to start some shopping online. This year they started the same door buster deals online Thanksgiving Day morning. Good move Kohls. I did more damage with having the ability to peruse your website all day. I made two separate orders and bought more than I would have if it would have started at midnight. I'm curious to hear how the numbers will come out for this years sales. Hell, I even got my boss to buy a 40" tv to use as a command center monitor at work!

In other current events, the deer hunting party is still skunked. There are moments that I enjoy having the hunting season over this holiday time and there are moments where I find it to be the dumbest shit in the world having it now. I am left to do EVERYTHING related to this holiday. I thought it was a time to spend with family but I'm more of a single woman than any other time in life. On the flip side, it is nice that I don't have to worry about him being in my hair while I'm trying to get shit done. I get up when I want to and make as much noise as I want. I go to bed when I want and don't have to worry about sharing the bed.

Today I get the fun of doing lunch with my parents that was rescheduled from Thanksgiving Day. Then in the evening I have the nephew's birthday party on the inlaws side. I really should have gotten the kid a tire iron and some brass knuckles. I swear he's going to be a mobster when he grows up. Don't help that his parents don't discipline him. He and his sister are just wild monsters. They remind me of the boys from Talladega Nights before Granny Law set in.

I better go get a move on and get this party started!


Dana said...

What I find interesting about this is that when I was in Korea (20 years ago) these tensions were there too. There have ALWAYS been issues here, but no one paid attention ... until now ...

Joker_SATX said...

I would vote for you in a heartbeat! Give me the Ballot!