10 October 2010

Sunday Reflections

This has been a pretty enjoyable weekend for me. Yesterday I did some major retail therapy. It was much needed since my ass grew the Grinch's heart and I have no clothes left that fit me. I found some awesome sales and enjoyed myself. After my main day of shopping I couldn't find the needles to fix Ol' Blackie (my pet name for my suitcase). She got her ass kicked and ripped apart over the last few trips. Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I decided I better score a new one. Score I did. Saved $150 off regular price. I saved $50 buying it yesterday than buying it today. I now have christened it The Rolling Turd since it's brown.

Hubby must have had a change of heart on Friday. I'd like to think he was smart enough to read my rage if he disappeared for the whole weekend as he planned. His day plans on Friday took longer than he planned so it made no sense for him to start on his afternoon plans. He spent the evening at home and we went out to dinner with some friends. That was nice. I had to push and shove to get some of the bed. Saturday he was gone bright and early to work on the farm. Ok. Time to hunker down into the single life so I shopped and loaded up on cold medicine and went to sleep. He did come home shortly after I went to bed. Once again I slept for shit because he was in my bed. Today he was up early. He stayed home. He worked on things around the house. I'm happy as a clam.

The one thing that gets me is I get lonely and pissy when he's gone for an extended period of time. If he comes home at night and I see him for an hour I'm fine. Days like today, he spent outside the whole day and I really didn't spend much time with him but I'm happy as hell. Why is that I don't need to be near him but knowing that he's home makes me feel so much better?

Tis been awhile since I've done a baby makin update. This has been a rough ass time so far. I had to wait almost 2 weeks after drugs to start the cycle. I was pissed. I punched my uterus a few times. Once she started though, I held on for dear life. Soul cleansing. I survived the clomid ingestion. So did those around me. I had my moments. I'm just now at the point of growin the eggs and waiting for the uncomfortable bloating and discomfort that pants cause. Dear Lord, please let this month do it.

I'm in Atlantic City all week for work. It will be busy I'm sure. Doing two trips worth of work in one week and having to be with customers on Friday. Usually Monday/Friday are travel days exclusively. Not this week. I'll first be rollin into the home airport on Friday at 1130pm. Add on the 2 hour drive home and it won't be pretty. That's best case with all the flights on time.

Drop in and say hi if any of you are bored. My chat thingy is on the upper right. I'll enjoy the company!


Matt-Man said...

I need to say something...when you say you saved such and such money, didn't you really sprnd it?

I used to go through that type of logic with my ex wife as well. Anyhoo, I still think you are uber-hot.

Albeit, a bit more pricey and high maintenance. ; )~

Cheers AC!!

Jay said...

Have a great week in AC. Hope you get a few minutes to hit the casino and win big! haha

Safe travels babe.