25 October 2010


I'm smack dab in the middle of the waiting time to see if this cycle has worked. I laid my eggs early last week with a bang and a need for some narcotics but I made it through. I think we timed things good and had enough recovery time between bouts to regenerate good swimmers. I have few things going for me this time around that I hope will prove fruitful. I had the plumbing cleaned. I started on a diabetic medicine that helps with fertility. This last one may be TMI but I don't care. I procured the mother of all vibrators so that after the deposit was made I'd make sure I'd have mine once, if not twice. Usually it has been mostly about me getting mine first and then getting the grand finally. Not this time. I read somewhere that's works better.

So here I am. I'm hungry as hell. I eat and then I want to expel it back up. Got some discomfort down there. The girls are a bit sensitive. I'm tired as hell too. All signs are pointing good right?

My friend who is a week ahead of me on the cycle is now testing. So far negative. I feel horrible for her. She wants a baby even worse than I do. I love her dearly. I want nothing but the best for her.

I think I'm going to go score a nap. Or hug the toilet.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Did you put a pillow under your butt (to raise your pelvis) before using your new friend? (you heard right, btw). You want him to go first, then it's your turn! Hee hee. I should have an honorary medical degree in reproductive issues. Good luck!

Doc said...

Hope this cycle works out!

Jay said...

Sending good thoughts your way! Hope it works.

Anonymous said...

One can only imagine the spasms of you getting yours is helping the swimmers along somehow. Even if it doesn't, it's gotta feel pretty damn good. (Now if I can just get that image out of my head . .)

Fingers, eye, toes and a few stray hairs all crossed for ya!

Baseball Mom said...

Sending you BIG TIME *BABY VIBES* to you!! I have a feeling this is your time. This cycle.

*crossing fingers* for you!!

Love new layout and name BTW!