01 September 2010

Midweek Crazy

I'm back to work now. My bed I'm sure is missing me not laying on it all damn day. It was a rough reentry into the workforce but it only took me 2 tries. I over did it today. It must have been the laundry that kicked me over the edge today. If I don't do it, it ain't getting done. Gotta love being the woman of the house.

I can't believe it's only midweek. I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend. Kinda took me by a pleasant surprise to realize that I have Monday off. Work is going to suck even more next week for me. 20 pounds of shit to be stuffed in a 10 pound box that I need to get from some other dude on the east coast. All by Tuesday morning. I'm fucked.

Over on the side you'll notice a new little widget to chat with me :) It can be anonymous even. You can thank the lovely Jayman for the find. Right now we've come up with a million dollar idea. We have to work out the details but we should be looking for investors soon!

1 comment:

Jay said...

Actually we're hoping for multiple millions and early retirement. I mean, might as well dream big, right?