16 September 2010

Here We Go Again

I had my post op appointment with the crotch doc on Monday. I was expecting that I'd be waiting out the rest of this cycle before starting drugs and the rollercoaster of fun. I guess I was wrong. Doc said no sense in waiting and if I don't think that I'll ride the cotton pony on my own this month, then lets make it happen.

I also asked to get the med back that is mainly used for diabetics. It helps with fertility and I've been having issues with maintaining my sugars. I hate the shit but I have to do something.

Doc did talk me into going to a big box store to get my drugs. The price was absolutely amazing. I didn't run shit through the insurance and 2 out of the 3 were on the 4 buck list. The 3rd is still half the price of what I was paying at the big pharmacy chain. I hate going to the big box but if it is that much cheaper I'll just have to suck it up and go.

The diabetic med I started on Monday night. Tuesday was a blur. I was sicker than shit the whole day. Wednesday was better but then the progesterone got the best of me. I was asleep by 8. I still get sick through the day from the diabetic med. I'm in a constant fog and I just hate the shit. I'll live with it though if it means getting a hitchhiker. Refined sugars are a real bitch. I have a strong aversion to that again. It's forcing me to eat healthier.

I need to go pass out again. The bags under my eyes are big enough to pack for my week in Kansas next week. Sooooo...if anybody is near Kansas and wants to meet up, let me know!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You can do it. I went thru hell and high water for my two children and I don't regret one moment or one penny. You will just cherish the little one even more than you can imagine.

Jay said...

It's a hassle but it's for a good cause! Just hang in there babe. It will be worth it.