21 September 2010

Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

Greetings from Bum Fuck Kansas!!!

I've been here one day and I feel like I'm in exile. I asked the locals today on what they recommend for dinner and they just laughed. I'm always a fan of local places to eat, just not prefaced with a laugh. The only local joints are Mexican or Chinese. I passed a few but there was nobody parked by them. The only chain restaurants are either fast food or Pizza Hut. I ended up at the local grocery store. I have a hankerin for a rotisserie chicken. This store didn't have them. WTF? I guess I'll have to go back to Walmart tomorrow to get one. With my luck, they'll be sold out. I ended up settling on a tv dinner.

My travel plans are all over the place now. In theory I was going to Atlantic City next week. That got postponed til October now. Then I was supposed to go to Tennessee next week. They decided they didn't need me now. Then today I get an email that I'm going to California for a couple days the beginning of November. I'm going to just show up to the airport and see where it takes me pretty soon.

There is one major highlight of this trip. I did get to catch up with my very first blog world friend. It's probably been a year since the last time I saw this person. It was so nice just to catch up and see each other if only for a couple hours. I then started my trek to Bum Fuck.

I should really take a picture of this bed. If I could fit it in my suitcase I would. I just sink into it. For being a podunk hotel, I'm pretty impressed. The beds are soft. The sheets are nice. The towels are soft and fluffy. The room is in good repair. There's an lcd tv. There's a fridge and microwave. The shower is awesome. The head is high and it outputs a great amount of water. The a/c has finally caught up. It took til well after dark last night for it to cool off in here. I was scared that the a/c was broke. I did partake in the pool tonight. I was excited to sit in the hot tub because a hotel that has a pool has a hot tub right? Right? Wrong. Just a pool. That was cold. That was short lived trip. If there was an exercise room I'd be all up in it. I'm just looking for shit to do...

On a side note, my computer keeps making a random popping sound. It's driving me insane. I don't know what program is doing it so I'm shutting down things til I find it.

And on that note, it is time to shut down this window.


Matt-Man said...

"The head is high and it outputs a great amount of water."...

That describes my peeing prowess. Here's to Kansas. Cheers AC!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

KS is even more of a hellhole than WV (where I currently reside). Try a Mexican place. They're usually decent.

bikinfool said...

If you EVER get to my neck of the woods, not only will I tell you where the good local dining spots are, I'll take you there. We won't even abuse your expense account. Much.