26 August 2010

I'm Sliced, Diced, and Julienned!

Yesterday was the big day of going under the knife for the rotorooting of the girlie parts. The day started off very early but the trade off was knowing I'd be sleeping most of the day anyway. The surgery went well. I almost cried my brains out when the chaplain said a prayer over me. The presurgical jitters hit me hard.

Before I knew it, I was in the recovery room. All I knew is that my belly had some serious pressure and I had to PEE. They wouldn't let me get up so they put a bed pan under there. No success. I can't pee laying down! They wanted to take it away but I wouldn't let them. Security blanket of wanting to go. Soon after that they wheeled me over to the finally recovery stage and they let me get up to go pee. Praise Jeebus!!! I got all dressed and padded up and had to sit in a chair then. The apple juice they gave me was a bit much. I wanted to throw that up so back to plain water and ice I went. While I was in the first recovery stage they gave me morphine. That made for some fun times. I sat in that chair getting hotter and sweatier than whore in church. Every time I dozed off I ended up shooting awake and gasping for air. My blood pressure would bottom out and my oxygen sats went through the floor. That was getting really annoying. Add on the feeling of hurling and just wanting to sleep and I was ready to walk myself out of there.

They did finally let me go home and I crashed and burned in bed. I woke up from there and I was feeling so good then. A little more drugs and I couldn't shut up. I napped. I talked. I ate a bit. Only thing I couldn't do was sit. That hurt too damn much. Either laying or standing. So that is what I've been doing, eating, sleeping, standing. And peeing. Tons of peeing. Even a half full bladder is painful as hell.

They found less of one thing but more stuff than we first thought. I hope cleaning it all out works and I can quit paying so damn much money for this kid before it's even conceived! I get a week off and then it's time to get back on the horse. We'll see. The way the dates fell I can't do clomid this month but I can next month. I pray it works. I pray with every fiber of my being. It's not supposed to be this hard!!! People get knocked up all the time without trying! Why can't it be that easy???

I need to go find more drugs. This just sucks and I'm getting bitchy.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Both of my children are Clomid babies. I've been around the block with infertility stuff, so if you have questions, just email me! Good luck!

Matt-Man said...

Good Luck AC. I hope it all works out no matter what happens. Cheers!!