23 August 2010

The Weekly Picking On Of Suppliers

I am once again infamous over at Bagwine Ruminations! Just to catch you up a bit instead of reading back through all his posts, well I do recommend you read them(good shit!), Matty has been picking on the Latino ice delivery guy for a few weeks now with posting signs on the back of his truck. They usually result in a very amusing phone call from his next stop when the poor guy finds the sign taped to the back of his truck.

While leaving the God forsaken state of Jersey last week, I had to sit at 5 red lights in a row and noticed this on the truck ahead of me.

I immediately wondered if Matty had something to do with this.

I guess I inspired him to pull that stunt today and he has it posted over on his hilarious and thought provoking site.


Matt-Man said...

HA....You are such an inspiration. I'm gusseing you've never heard that about yourself, have ya? ; ) Thanks for idea AC. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Or is that Nambia - the country in Africa? All the other letters are in upper case, makes me think that 5th charater is an "I", rather than an "L".

Still - for Matt to put that sign on the back of Luis's truck? Too funny!