05 August 2010

I'm Famous!!

The ever amusing MattMan over at Bagwine Ruminations featured our Twitter conversation this morning. I'm soooooo honored? This dude makes me laugh everyday and I maintain, the dude is short circuited......

On a side line, MattMan and Jayman have come out of the closet....er....announced that they are going to be doing a show on Blog Talk Radio. I've never listened to a show on there but you can bet for damn sure that I will be there listening! Go and show them some love and support and encouragement to get this off the ground!

Only 4 sleeps til Florida bitches!! I can't wait to get there and take a nap on the beach! I'm tired just thinking about what has to happen between here and there....Have a great night y'all!


Matt-Man said...

Well that was sweet of ya, funny girl. Good luck getting ready for the trip. Cheers AC!!

Dana said...

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but that isn't famous ... it's INFAMOUS!