01 August 2010

Final Laziness

This is the last Sunday where I can sleep in and in my own bed for sometime coming up. Next weekend is a family weekend and getting ready for going to Florida. As soon as I get off the plane from Florida, I'm going camping until that Sunday. The weekend after that I will be on call. I was a final resort so I'm helping out. Then the week after that I'm having surgery so hopefully that Sunday after I can sleep in again. My dance card got full!

And now I'm really pissed off. I just went to pay my credit card bill that is due in a couple of days and noticed something not very nice. I worked hard and used a good chunk of tax return money to pay this thing down. Now the dumb fuckers have reduced my credit limit down to about $200 above my balance. WTF assholes?? I'm not amused.

I can't believe Florida is only a week away. I so am not ready. I need some shorts that fit my ass. I want to get my hair and feet done but I highly doubt I can afford all that this week. I want to start packing today. I should get on it...

I ended up with an ear infection this week. I decided not to ignore it and go in right away. Since my insurance sucks so damn bad, going to one of those pharmacy walk in clinics was the most cost effective choice since I know what I got. The cost of the visit wasn't the hard part to swallow. The price of the drugs was. I was getting drops and pills. The drops that they wanted to give me were about $160 out of pocket. Fuck me. The provider that was there was so nice to as run out their pharmacy to see what they could do. She came back with good news. Using the eye drop version of the drug and putting me through a county drug program I got the bottle of drops for $18. The pills were only $15 then. WOOT! I don't think I could have scored that good of a deal even with my own insurance! The ear has gotten a little better now. I'm kinda worried that I should have more improvement by now.

I'm suppose to go shopping with my mother today. I have mixed emotions about that. She irritates the hell out of me, especially in public. Dad left early for the week so she's going stir crazy. I guess I better get my ass ready to face the pain.

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