28 July 2010

Less Stabby

My last post I was severely pissy in. The week has been progressing and I'm starting to feel a bit less stabby. It's hard to stay that mad fo a long a time. If you've seen me on Twitter you'd know I'm battling my central air right now. Last night it was completely dead. It was hot, humid and just miserable. I was not in my happy place. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that hubby broke down and called a trained professional to fix it. They were here bright and early fixing my baby. She ran out of juice so they filled her up and they were on their merry way. I was excited to come home and nap in an igloo. I walked in the door and was sorely disappointed. It had only dropped 3 degrees from when I left it this morning. Fuck me. We need a whole new unit now. Not real sure how much that is going to cost us but I'm sure it's a pretty penny.

I am really glad that I got the tickets booked to Florida. I'm really looking forward to the break and the beach. I've been surfing the web for ideas for food and things. I found a dandy lookin little seafood joint to get my crab on. I also found that there are a few Waffle Houses on my travels between the airport and the house. I can't wait! I'm going through Waffle House withdraws! I need some cheese eggs and grits and biscuits and gravy. It just isn't the same at home. I do need to procure some books though. I'm thinking my Droid won't work too well for reading while in the Floridian sun. Since I'm also a picky reader, this should be fun to try and find some books. Maybe I should go in the bag so I can replicate my drunk mood that I will have on the beach.

I got a shipment of toys in the other night. I really want to try them. I love ordering from this place. I order one thing and they send me a whole box full of stuff. I'm just waiting for a cool evening to try them. I guess it'll be awhile.


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Brian said...

Nice to see you climbing down off that ledge. Was afraid you were going to need a direct injection of booze to chill you out.

Of course, that's still an option . . .