26 July 2010


I'm on war path. I can't kick it either. You know the day is going to be shit when you are asking for a piss test on a coworker because they can't be that dumb overnight. I'm getting hot flashes all the effing time. The a/c at home still is not working right. Hubby says it's keeping up just fine. Just fine my ass. It's cooler outside now! I dread having to cook dinner because how hot will the house get? My hormones are all over the place. This is my first month that I'm drug free in a long time. Obviously it did a number on my mental balance. There are very few people right now who's faces I don't want to rip off. Chocolate cake didn't even help!

Time to boot my bed occupant out. My time to inhabit that king sized sanctuary of comfort.


Doc said...

Im probably glad in in NC... (hope it gets better for you quickly)

Brian said...

Sounds like you need several chocolate martini's along with a dip in the pool. Stop over, I'm pouring!

Matt-Man said...

Well...as long as you have your health. Cheers AC!!

Average Chick said...

Doc--yup..be happy you were there

Brian--tell me where to go!

Matt-- Health is declining in this heat lately...going to be in a puddle soon