25 July 2010

Ask And You Shall Receive

After I got back from camping I thought to myself that I had no other plans for the summer. I was really sad that I'd work the rest of the summer with no break in the action. This week changed that all. First off is the impending surgery next month. Then last night the sister calls me.

The sister is still going through holy hell with the stalker. She had some plane tickets booked before this shit went down and she exchanged a set in for a flight to Florida. She's got connections to a house within crawling distance to the beach. She said she was going to go alone to find truth in the sand, booze, and surf. Last night she called me and begged me to come along with her. There is only one thing, well 2 things, that could keep me from going. Flight and husband.

I started bombing around my favorite travel sites and the tickets in my eyes were a bit pricey. Things weren't looking good. I had one last ditch effort to the airline site of the company that I flew to Vegas a few years ago. Low and behold, for less than $200(well base price) I could get my happy ass to Florida! I had to sweet talk hubby then. He is looking at the money factor of course. I guess I have to use some of my baby fund to pay for this. Damn I'm glad I saved up that money. I booked the tickets and now to tell work!

Next issue on the hit parade was a car. Sis and I are flying into different airports and I'm beating her there by an hour or so. I looked into a one way rental from airport and the returning it to the local airport the next day. Not what I wanted to pay. I played the name your own price site and they didn't seem to think that $15 plus all their outrageous fees was acceptable. I'm just lookin for something with 4 tires and a steering wheel here!

I did finally score a car for the whole week instead for $20 a day. Can't complain there.

So once again I'm back down to telling work I'm out in a couple of weeks for a whole week. I checked my calendar and nothing is booked there yet. That's at least better than when I booked the surgery.

Then shit got a little more shitty. All day I had been having hot flashes. I kept turning down the a/c for some relief but the damn house wouldn't get below 72. I had mentioned this to hubby and he started investigating. Turns out the condenser in the basement froze up and was spewing water all over the damn place. Fuck me. We turned off the air and let the fan blow through it. I would have been happy with letting it go all night like that but it appears hubby fired it up in the middle of the night. I don't think it's fixed. Shit. Glad I had the tickets booked before that came up!

My shade is dwindling quick here and I think it's time to go back inside and start my laundry. Damn I hate doing laundry. Give me 10 toilets to scrub and I'd gladly do it if I didn't have to do laundry.

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