01 July 2010

Vacation Time!

This is the night before I start my 4 day weekend. AC is packin up the ol campin shack and heading for the wilderness. Or something like that. We'll have electric and water and a crapper with a shower down the lane. I won't have air conditioning however. They are calling for 90's so just shoot me. There is some water attached to the campgrounds so I'm all over that. I spent tonight cleaning up the camper and getting things packed. I still haven't gone grocery shopping and my clothes are still in the washer.

This has been the craziest summer. I haven't had a summer like this in many years. I'm now out of the call rotation permanently. I feel like a human being again. I don't feel like a slave to my job. I can actually go out and camp and do things without the fear of getting my ass chewed. I'm really loving it.

I'm watching Boston Medical right now on ABC. It kinda reminds me of the days that I worked at a hospital. There are times that I miss it and there are times that I'm so glad I'm not in that environment. It also reminds me that I gave up my life dream to become a doctor. I remember being 5 years old and saying that I wanted to be a doctor. Instead, as I grew older I got to know the prices of a college education and knew there would be no way that I could do it. My parents had no means of helping me out. I could only work minimum wage jobs so much. Enter in at the ripe old age of 17 the future hubby. It wasn't just me anymore. I couldn't pick up and go live at a college. My dream was completely killed then. I always thought I could go to school that I did and then continue on. Being stuck in this area, I have no escape to pursue this dream. I'm too old now too to go through med school. If I were single I would possibly try it out. Someday I will continue my education. I made that promise to my grandpa on his deathbed. I need to keep it. I may pursue a different field but I do need to get a damn degree.

Back to this show! And my cat just farted.......


Doc said...

Have a great trip !!

Brian said...

Enjoy the camping trip!

For future reference & motivation, I was 42 when I finally got my Bachelors, taking classes with kids half my age. It's a little weird, but very do-able. Don't give up on it.

(heh - my verify word was "subilly". Sue him for what?