27 June 2010

Rednecks and Pain

I went to the local country music festival here this weekend with hubby. I really really did not want to go but I sucked it up because it was the wedding anniversary and I took one for the team. The camper was set up out there and I figured what the heck. Hubby picked me up after work on Friday so I didn't have to drive into the mess. The friends that were staying on the site too tried to kill me shortly after I go there. The bloody marys came out and I was lubed up in no time. We finally trudged into the grounds and I actually had fun! I was sooooo drunk that it was amusing to go from booth to booth. I even bought 3 Go Girls. If you don't know what this is, check it out HERE. I have to learn how to use it but it should be an interesting thing to have.

The drinking got the best of me that night. The night was cut a little early due to rain but that didn't stop us from partying a little more under the awning. It all spiraled downhill after that. I was beyond sick. I got very little sleep. This went well into the next day. I can now check off getting sick in a portapotty.

The rest of Saturday was spent recovering and relaxing. We made an awesome pizza in frying pan. I like that little trick now. Bacon and eggs made for a good dinner too. The music that night wasn't the best. I also froze my ass off. That was a first out there. I was so tired I even fell asleep between performers. Shortly after that we decided to call it a night.

The middle of the night I was woke up by the sounds of rain, thunder and hubby rummaging about the camper. It seems the camper sprung a leak. Not fun. I wanted to help but I couldn't stay awake long enough. The thunder was something impressive. It hurt my ears a few times. I thought I was dreaming but I guess it was real. The aftermath was something spectacular too. There was standing water all over the damn place. It was a holy mess to try and pack up. We packed up a lot the night before but there the camper needed to be popped back down. The lines of traffic were horrible and messy trying to get out. It took a couple of hours to leave the grounds. It was entertaining to see the poor people who got stuck in wetter campsites. There were still many that had ankle deep flooding in them. I have no clue how the hell they were going to get out.

I was sooooo happy to get home. I hadn't had a shower since Friday morning. I was filthy. I almost did the repeat of lather, rinse, repeat. I guess I'll get it again in the morning. After my shower was a nap of epic proportions. It was about 4 hours long. I was out hard! I had to get up and finish making dinner and that was painful as hell. I had to have a cup of coffee. It wasn't only to wake up but I had not had any caffeine today. I was a bonehead and I didn't pack the camper with any of my staples. I have a week to get the thing ready for next weekend. I have more camping to do.

There were so many rednecks at this thing than I care to think about. There were more Confederate flags flying than in all the south! Dumbass rednecks. The drunkenness was something impressive. There had to have been about 30,000 drunk people there every night. The price of drinks weren't all that horrible. A refill of a double shot mixer in their cups was only $8. It was cheaper to do that than beer! I did pay in the end though.

I'm ready for another nap here! Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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Brian said...

Camping + rain = not fun.

Glad you had a camper. How were thee tent people making out? Swimming much?

And good god, DO NOT forget the coffee next week. It's sacreligious to go camping with out coffee.