05 July 2010

I Survived!

I am now safely tucked into the permanent 4 walls of the AC shack and happy to have a bathroom less than 50 feet from anywhere in the shack. That may be one of my biggest gripes with camping is the lack of crappers. It wouldn't be so bad if I can just drop my drawers and water the landscaping. This campsite had zero privacy. The trees were maybe 3 years old at best. The campsites were one on top of the other. There was no where to pee and not be seen. The bathroom wasn't too far but far enough to piss me off when my school girl bladder kicked in every night.

Saturday was a gorgeously sunny day. We played a little in river and then baked ourselves to a golden crab color. The fun for that afternoon was sitting on our phones shopping for a new camper. Hubby has had it with the pop up work and it is time to upgrade. I also was laying eggs. That was painful. Hubby drugged me up out of love.

Sunday was spent in an inner tube floating down the river. The trips were 2 hours at a clip and we did two. The sun was mainly hidden by clouds with the very sporadic shower. I didn't care about that. We were sitting in the middle of a river wet anyways! There's something so relaxing about floating down some water at a decent clip with a cooler full of beer and no need to get out to pee. The river was busy and there were tons of younger people out there just givin er hell with partying. I must be getting old or something. We just floated on by and had no desire to stop.

Sunday evening started the rain. There was no hangin out by the fire because it of it so it was fun in the camper time! I got my ass kicked playing Uno and got a damn good nap in. Most of the camp packed up and left that day. The ones who stayed that lived outside were at the bar on the grounds and that left me enough privacy to pee in the yard. Yay! That mad life so much nicer.

We ate awesome out there. Steak of some form all 3 nights. Breakfasts that kept the pork producers in business. And no lunches due to the other 2 meals. I heart sausage and bacon. That has been my latest cravings. I came home today and made more french toast and fried up all the left over bacon and sausages. Damn. I'm making myself hungry just typing about this.

I am also the poster child of why to use sunscreen. I've got pretty tough skin when it comes to the sun. I don't consider myself fair skinned or sensitive skinned. When I have time in the sun I want a tan. This weekend was no different. I should have, however, put some on sunscreen on my feet. The open areas of my water shoes have areas of bright skin in there now. If I didn't hate my toe nails so much I'd take a picture for you all to laugh at the design on my feet. It hurts like a bitch but it's my own damn fault. Even though it was cloudy while in the tubes, my shins got toasted. Every time I moved it felt like the skin was ripping. Woops! A little lotion on them today and that's all fixed. My chest also got it. That is starting to blister a bit. My backside on the other hand, is as white as a bleached sheet. For the fun of it, let's also add a million mosquito welts over these burns for a little variety.

I am Queen of the Rednecks! I really need to work on changing that...

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