11 July 2010

Back To Nature

On Wednesday I am leaving for what is historically known as a party that we know as Cooterfest. Highlights of past Cooterfests include me streaking from one end of the cabin to the other, one girl falling in and out of the tent every trip one night due to a tango with the Captain, twirling braids that ended up in a flying tiki torch, drunk paging superiors and not remembering, the prom formal night, and the every famous AC setting herself on fire.

The past year or so we have strayed from our roots with staying in actual buildings. We are going back to our roots this year and staying at a rustic campsite. The way it has always been done in previous years. We are sporting a new tent ( and not a penis made one!). It is suppose to hold 12 people. This is one hell of a tent I tell ya. We have to drive in 52 spikes in that tent alone. This doesn't include the screen tent or the "guest house." There are sleeping "pods" in this tent that we have named presidential suites. I've taken dibs on the Clinton Suite. Hope I don't get a stain in my nice clean expensive camping clothes! (Ok, those clothes will smell like death and look like a mud puddle by the time I get home.)

We have stayed at this campsite once before. I was pouring rain when we got there so we held up in the bar on site until it cleared. That wasn't pretty. Shots of apple pie and beers were going down too nice. We probably shouldn't have even drove from the bar to our campsite. (It was on grounds with a 5 mph speed limit so kiss off) That year was a fabulous time. It was the same time of year and I celebrated my birthday too. The only downfall of that trip was little did I know that I was getting demoted as soon as I went back to work. It was also during that camping trip that my phone let me "meet" a very special friend.

This year I'm bringing a new Cooter on probation. My neighbor friend who has turned out to be my twin is going to join us for the weekend. Better live it up while she can since she's going to be inseminated by the turkey baster next week. This should be a riot :)

I guess I better get back to washing my undies and getting packed!

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Brian said...

Oh Lordy! Looking forward to THIS trip report.