13 July 2010

Twas The Night Before Vacation

And all through the house.  The kitties are stirring.  There's no sign of a mouse.  The car is packed up with all the shit and wares.  Soon I'll be leaving but insomnia is there.

I've been toying around the though of doing a controvesial post or two on the immigration law in AZ and smoking bans.  Maybe that will be good fodder for the drunk me.  I have some strong feelings on this.  I was trying to debate with the hubby tonight but it's hard to debate when you are on the same side.

Last camping trip's sun exposure is still torturing me.  I'm peeling like a snake right now.  I'll have to try and burn it back off again this week.I must say there is something fun about peeling skin off and not having it hurt.  It's just wrong and gross but come on, y'all do it!

I'll be out bright and early tomorrow.  We are meeting up at 9am to do the big grocery shop before heading to camp.  That's early for me on a vacation day.  The weather looks to be hot as hell but sunny except for tomorrow night.  I'm crossing my fingers that the tornadoes and hail don't rain on our parade.  That would be a shitty start to the weekend. 

I'm closing in on the last few days of this year of life again.  I am now accepting gifts in the form of money, gift certificates and baked goods.  Sex toys would also be appreciated.  We will be celebrating out at camp.  I get the day off of all domestic camp duties.  Lucky me! 

I guess typing this out did make me a bit more tired.  I better get my beauty rest.  Beauty will go down the tubes real quick there.

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Brian said...

That poor campsite will never be the same after this, will it?

Re Az immigration here's maybe a little fodder (or not - we may agree).

I don't see the problem with an officer asking a person for ID if he stops them for suspicion of wrong doing. It's the first thing most any cop asks when I first run into them - "license & registration please". If you've got nothing to hide, (like illegal immigration status) you've got no worries, right?

Re: smoking bans - as an ex smoker, I am all for them. The stank of smoking lingers for-fucking-ever. I don't want to smell it. I don't want to breathe it in a restaurant, on a plane or anyplace else for that matter. Just because someone wants to trash their own lungs doesn't give them the right to trash mine too.