16 June 2010

Home Again

I was out Monday night for work and usually I really enjoy my nights in a hotel room. This one I didn't. I was sick as shit. The whole place was spinning. I laid down and that made it worse. I went and got some drugs and all that did was put me to sleep. Sleep, however, was very hard. When I laid down the room spun like I went on a bender and I didn't touch a drop. I'm still not 100% better but laying down isn't so scary.

There's only a few days before this damn party. I'm not going to be doing much until Friday for it. Hubby keeps on making new messes in the house and tracking in a whole bunch of dirt so the hell with it.

I'm so ready for a vacation. I find myself not giving a shit at work. I'm just killing time til the next crisis. I'm looking forward to my camping trip. I would love a luxury resort with a pool and a cabana boy. I was looking through some old pics and found a file from my trip to Mexico a few years ago with my friends. That was an awesome time. It was in the dead of winter and it was a nice getaway. It was after I left one job to go full time at another. I was hopeful and it was a great trip of beauty and relaxation. I want that again.

This month has officially busted on the baby front. I'll take my short mourn and then get hopeful for next month again. Maybe I should get a coach on how this works. Any takers?

I'm going to go rummage for dinner now. Fun. Fun. Fun.


Brian said...

Keep practicing, that's what my coaches always said.

I've got the give a shits about work too. If you find a cure, share it wouldja?

Anonymous said...

Hi AverageChick,

I recently found your blog and I'm sorry to hear it didn't work this month.

My wife and I have been through this, so I may be able to offer a shoulder.

Do you have a contact email address? Sorry, if it is here somewhere and I'm not technologically savvy enough to find it.