12 June 2010

Attack of the Dust Bunnies

I can't believe how big of a shit hole this house is. I am sick that I actually live in it. This is night number 2 of cleaning for the big party next weekend. The house has basically been to myself since hubby is working on the garage. I'm so excited that we don't need to plug it into the house anymore! So far I've tackled 3 rooms. I guess you could call it spring cleaning a couple of months late. I'm excited to have a clean house and I'm going to try harder to keep it this way. I wish I had a neat freak personality. Instead I was blessed with a bug up my ass personality. Every so often I get the bug up my ass to clean up. Boredom usually does the best job. I guess I don't get bored at home often enough.

I'll admit to the biggest thing that grosses me out. It's not spiders or bodily excrements. It's wet hair that's not attached to a body. Instant hurl. I came across a little area of hair in the bathroom while wiping the floor last night. I instantly started yacking. I admire the hair dressers who are covered in shedded hair. I'd need a puke bag attached to my face for that.

The beer is going down very good tonight. I broke that case that it was in so I figured I better start drinking it. That leads me into the next point of it's another failed month. Fuck. What the hell am I doing so wrong? Insert tab A into slot B right? I've decided I'm going to start saving my expense checks to put towards IUI. Which states cover fertility treatments? I may need to make a temporary move.

We got word this week that our health insurance is changing as of July 1. I must say we were spoiled with what we have now. It was a zero deductible, co pay for doctor visits and ER visits. Everything else was covered 100%. It was sweet. Now we are changing to a plan that has a $3000 deductible and then it kicks into 100%. 100% out of pocket until the $3000 is met. This sucks. I am thankful I have something. The whole point was to save money because the premiums were going to go up 20%. This plan saves money. About $30 a month. I'd rather stay with the old plan for a little more.

Back to my beer and maybe a nap :)

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Brian said...

It's still Spring for another week, so you're definitely not late on the Spring cleaning.

We've kinda delayed spring cleaning because we'd rather be working outside. It's amazing how ummmmm, nasty, things can get with only two people living in a house!

I won't tell you about our health insurance deal. You'd be pissed.