17 June 2010


I got an email from one of my credit card companies the other day stating to give them a call due to suspicious activity. I got it while I was on the road and didn't think too much of it. I've already had my debit card canceled a few times for legitimate activity while I was on the road but it tripped their flags. I figured this was the case again.

I went to use this card tonight to buy dinner and it was declined. Alright. Game on.

I got home and called into the customer service line because I don't trust emails with phone numbers to call about financial shit. The nice foreign lady stated that there was a charge flagged by the fraud sensors.

I'm thinking yadda yadda yadda.

"$300 to Sunco, declined"

Woah. What day? Where? Um. Not me. Not on that day. Hell, we don't even have those here! We went through all the other charges that were odds and ends for gas and meals that were mine but that Sunco one has me. I'm very glad they declined it.

So now my account is closed and I will be issued a new card and will have to wait to get it before I can sign up for online account access and use that card again. Small price to pay for some fucktard trying to use my account.


Matt-Man said...

I apologize. I was young. I needed the money. I thought you'd understand. Cheers AC!!

Doc said...

Ive been using it to surf porn onthe interwebz... I'll pay you back. I swear.