27 March 2010

Travel Hell!

It has been a week from hell for travel. Monday started off with a canceled flight. Which turned into an 8 hour wait for the next available flight. I was too far away from home to leave. That flight was delayed. I got to the rental car place at a very late hour. The hold that they put on your card for payment left me with only one option: my check card. I left there to find that I could not capture a gps signal on my phone either. I felt my way using the Blackberry gps to my hotel. That also sucked for check in. This place was beyond huge and I had to stop a couple times for directions to my room because nobody would tell me that it is a long ass walk with no decent signage.

The work week itself was pretty good. Hubby flew in with no troubles and a free upgrade. Go figure. He won some money gambling. I just held around even. The food was decent. The highlight was the all you can eat crab legs. I need to find that again when I go back out there. I found out there may be 2 more weeks to this stint of travel. I know next week is in Delaware. The week after that is up in the air. The week after that is in New Jersey. I should have my own escort at PHL after this much travel. And my own parking spot at my airport!

The trip home almost ended up poorly. As we were sitting at the terminal we got messages that the flight was delayed and hour. Then and hour and 2o. Then the rumblings from the desk was who the hell knows. Then, because I had the luck of the person who never travels with me, there was the announcement that they are putting us on a different plane at a different gate. That gate was only 1 over and frankly, we didn't leave all that late.

I have to get the paperwork in order from last week and plan for the week ahead today. I log into my bank account to see that that fucking rental car bounced that account like a superball on meth. FUCK ME! I am soooo mad right now. Do I go after the company to pay for the NSF fees? Do I fight the bank because it was never really a posted charge for that much? I think I'm just screwed here. I need a better way. I hate being this poor. I hate being in this much debt!

Time to get off my soap box and get back to the paperwork. Hopefully I can get a little more money for expenses back and don't have to pay in.

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Brian said...

I've called my bank and explained the situation with them. Many times they'll waive the nsf fee for something out of my control. Worst they can do is say no.

We also get corporate credit cards for travel. No messing around with our own cards. Especially when you can rack up thousands in travel expenses, then you have to wait for reimbursement? No thank you!