29 March 2010

Mile High Thoughts

Greetings from the friendly skies!  I've had delays of less than an hour on both flights today. I must be doing OK. I just lost my seatmate for this leg but that is OK. I can now type dirty and not feel so bad. 

The comment has been made about having a corporate credit card for these trips. I've begged and the only headway I've made is a BP gas card which is not everywhere.  The only thing that I know that is paid in full is the airline ticket excluding baggage. Hotels are a crap shoot if they either prepay online or remember to get a credit authorization.  I must say that turn around on getting my money back is fairly good. At the most a week or if I ask on larger amounts. I submitted the expenses from last week on Saturday and I got the check and an advance this morning. Not too bad.

In other news, my best blog friend got a phone call this morning notifying him of his father's death. Not fun. My heart goes out to him during this time.

I need a nap but can't fall asleep. I almost had to bust out the little baggy on the last leg due to my stomach. I need a shirt that says "does not travel well"  I'm on a smaller plane this flight and I feel much better so far. I guess I'm weird like that.

Might I add this is also the first round of flights that still has a comp snack. It's been awhile since I've flown this airline because they cost too damn much or their cheap flights are at idiotic hours. Granted this isn't the most well thought out route this time but at least I'm not on a plane before 6 am.

Enough ramblings.  Time to eat my cookie and take a nap :)

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