18 March 2010


I get up. Go to work. Come home to a hubby on a couch. Ignore his tv. Figure out what the hell to make for dinner. Make the dinner. Eat. Ignore his tv some more. Get fed up and go to bed.

Weekends. Sleep in. (not complaining there!) Drink a pot of coffee. Clean house. Make dinner. Ignore hubby's tv. Go to bed. Sometimes add in grocery shopping.

Is there more to life than this? I'm going a bit nuts here. I'm crabby as shit today. I just want to tell people to eat shit and die.

Ok..guess I have some excitement here. The space station is flying over. At least that is what I am told by the couch dweller.

Time to figure out what slop I'm going to make tonight too. Ugh.


13messages said...

You could always throw out your television. :)

Brian said...

The hubz doesn't cook? Restrict his TV watching to the Food Network. Guys need to contribute more to a meal than their appetite.

Average Chick said...

13- Throw away my tv?? Errr....I'd miss Big Bang Theory too much!

Brian- He does cook occasionally (ie kills stuff on the grill. Makes tacos. Mac and cheese). He's so damn picky that it's hard to break him out of the his comfort zone of food. I do need to work harder on making sure he knows how to operate the dishwasher.....

Amorous Rocker said...

Hide the remote? Lol.