03 March 2010

Ain't that a fine howdy a do!

I got word yesterday that work is sending me to Jersey for 3 weeks during this month. I have next week home and then then next 3 weeks will be spent in various parts of the Jersey area. Today is the day that I needed to call the crotch doc to let him know that my oven is still set to preheat and doesn't have a bun in it yet (UGH!). I figured that I'd just stall a bit and take the progesterone to start the visitor and all will be good.

My girlie bits however have decided to make me mad as a wet hen. The calendar count starts today so I'll have to start the clomid on Sunday. According to how last month went, I'll be layin my eggs smack dab in second week of the travels. FML.

I'm working diligently to find hubby a flight to hopefully be successful this month. We're poor here. In debt. And this is just a bitch smack in the face trying to figure this out. Any tips for a cheap flight? Please also keep in mind that this man has only been on 4 planes in his life. All of them had me there to keep him going in the right direction and to do the final security check for contraband.

I'm just sick trying to figure this out. I just want to cry. I can't say no to the travel because it is good money. I don't want to wait this month out. Obviously I kicked started something that resembles a cycle this last month and want to keep the ball rolling. I totally just realized that last week's call pay may be the saving grace here. It should cover the flight and hopefully the car. Oh my. What a relief I just gave myself!


Brian said...

Depending on where you're flying from and where in Jersey you need to get, Jet Blue might be an option. Sometimes they have $29 flights to JFK which wouldn't be bad if you were in Newark. Might even get a cheapie to Newark.

Average Chick said...

Thanks for the advice Brian. I just don't have any airport that has Jet Blue in it near me. Kinda sucks. Damn country life!