27 February 2010

Where Is Time Going?

Another week has come and gone. I worked like a freakin dog. I was on call and the call Gods didn't shine favorably on me. I'm on call this weekend, too, and it's not going all that slow. I anticipate being sick with a respiratory bug here in the next couple of weeks. I really think that the pneumonia shot is a bunch of bunk after what I've seen this week. I've washed and hand sanitized and masked but I'm sure that isn't going to help me.

I've been so freakin tired this week, too. If I wasn't working I was sleeping. I would pass out hard and wake up feeling like I didn't sleep. Not sure how you can sleep 9-10 straight hours and not feel a little rested. Hell, I'm half tempted to go crawl in bed after I post this!

I'm still waiting on the baby news. On one hand, all the parts should have been available and ready to make it happen. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't enough. My little work road trip just happened to fall right at the start of a LH surge I do believe. The return home during the surge didn't seem to bring forth extremely fruitful efforts. In theory, I'm late. If you look at the time that I laid the eggs, I'm not late yet. The piss on a stick this morning was negative. As the day has gone on, the girls have started to be a bit tender and I got slight crampiness. The waiting is killing me. If this month doesn't prove to be successful, then at least I have a better idea of what to feel when things are fertile. And it was only round 1 right?

Sex drive is non existent right now. I thought it was suppose to increase without being on birth control and being fertile? I just can't stand the thought of being aroused and having an orgasm. It's been almost 2 weeks now since I've had an orgasm of any kind. That's just wrong. Dammit.
I was thinking about doing a give away for readers to guess if I'm pregnant or not this month and continue the contest til there's a bun in oven. I'm racking the brain for a prize. I'm thinking a box of condoms for if I'm not and a box of tampons for if I am. I'm not really impressed with what I've come up with because a guy I'm sure wouldn't really want a box of tampons. I'd love send either beer or wine but Amazon doesn't have that :( If anyone can send me a suggestion of a website that does, I'd be willing to do that :) I still think though that if I'm not, a box of condoms will do well since I sure the hell shouldn't be using them. Leave a comment if you'd think this would be a good idea :)

On that note, I could really go for a cold beer but the damn call is in my way. Double dammit.

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