15 February 2010

I Miss My Kitties, Happy Valentines and TMI

I haven't been home since Friday. I miss my fur babies. Yes, I know it's only Monday but there is something to be said for having the dig out my phone from under a cat in the morning. My one kitty has taken to sleeping on the cell phones. She may lay down next to them but somehow always ends up laying on them as time goes on.

I'm super sorry that I didn't get a Happy Valentines to the ones I love out here! I was celebrating the release of my sister back into the wild. Her divorce is finalized this week and we decided to celebrate. We were there when she got herself into this mess. We are there to help her get out. We did put in a full shift of drinking (8 hours) before we had to carry her out of the bar. Luckily she passed out in the car on the way home and didn't hurl until she got out. She's lucky enough to be in the right field that she got hooked up with an iv and some anti nausea meds when we tucked her into her bed. Hubby went with her hook up to get the iv and proceeded to hurl out the window of the dude's truck on the way back. I wanted to hurl but I fought the urge. I consider that a successful night! Valentines, however, was the aftermath. I got up at 8:30 and went back to sleep. So did sis. It wasn't pretty. She went to work and I made my way to my next stop and proceeded to feel much better.

Now for the TMI. This whole hormone messing thing is really creating some undesired effects. I seem to have sprouted more hair than werewolf. I'm not exactly hairfree normally but I've had hair show up in places where there wasn't before. I looked at my arms in the shower today and almost threw up. I don't know if this is a good thing or not for the hormone balance or if it's a sign that things are going swimmingly. Sorry I shared. It's just really odd. It also is a heads up to buy stock in razors. I'm going to be bitch until this shit gets straightened out. Did anybody else have this side effect?

That's it with me for now. I'm going to get into watching my Monday night tv. I'm hoping to post an HNT this week. Whirling around Olympic ideas in the bean. Not sure what I'll come up with!


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Saucy Wildcat said...

Sugar is nuts. That Nair stuff is god awful. I'm afraid the hair thing is a side effect I also remember... and honestly it never went away. I'm sure you'll have different results though, surely. If not, plan on a wax appt every month and invest in one of those "ladies personal trimmers." They work wonders!