07 February 2010

I Didn't Blow Up!

Hubby seemed to have stepped into a deal of a newer furnace on one of his jobs recently. The energy bill that has been coming in the mail has been absolutely ridiculous. Sounds like a good match? I think so. I was just nervous about the installation crew. Hubby and Pappa. 2 farmers and a hammer. Dealing with natural gas. I was scared.

First off, it's still the middle of winter here. Thank goodness it isn't below zero but it's still cold. Luck would have it that it was a sunny day and the solar panels provided a good amount of heat. That is until the sun went down. I cranked the stove on a clean cycle to provide heat. That helped.

I really did not want to be around the interior of the home when it was flipped on the first time. My sister in law denied me that hope. She came over to visit and watch the progress and we ended up sitting watching the whole thing within 5 feet of it. Daring little soul she is. It didn't blow up and I'm still alive!

It is most of the way in now and all it needs is the cold air return ducts to be hooked up. Not bad for getting a furnace that is 30 years newer than the one there for just the price of installation crap. I'd call this an epic win.

Baby making is just a waiting game now. I took the clomid last week and now it's just a matter of waiting for me to lay an egg. I did turn pretty bitchy last week. Normally I just sit on my bitchy mood but I let it fly. I'll be even more bitchy if this round of drugs was for nothing. It may get tricky next weekend. We're going to visit my sister for the weekend and get shit faced drunk to celebrate her divorce. If that turns out to be the fertile time, having the deed may prove a bit tricky. We sleep in the living room so it isn't like there's any privacy. It would be fun however to tell my sister that our kid was conceived on her futon!

I also can't write a post without mentioning the Super Bowl. I usually just watch it for the commercials. I really wish they did allow the ManCrunch.com. If you haven't seen it, please go here for a list of commercials that have been banned from the Super Bowl over the years. I find them very amusing! Happy American Sporting Day!


Sugardaddy said...

Try to stay warm

2cute4u said...

hmm It happens when you're not looking trust me.. just have fun ok?take care.Oh and place you've got and please, pretty please try not to get bitchy okay?Nice place you've got here.. regards to the sis.