01 January 2010

Year In Review

The gorgeous Saucywildcat did a wrap up of the good, bad, and ugly in her year and I do like that idea.

First up...I'll start with the bad of the year. Get that out of the way and finish on a happy note :)

I'm still at my job where it is so disorganized and a detriment to my mental health. I've looked for the last year and nothing happened. I may have a lead on position that would be a word of mouth kind of hiring so we shall see how that goes.

Finances have gone down hill so horribly. I finally get some gigs at work that send me on planes again and I have ZERO room on my credit cards to accomplish this. This should be interesting how I will support a trip to Philly next week. I'm also looking for suggestions on who has the best cheesesteak there. Ya know I'm all about the food baby!

Another year has come and gone and I have yet to start a family. The news that I got yesterday is there seems to be no way in hell I can do it naturally. Fuck me.

My fat ass has also gained all the weight that I lost and a little more back. I damn near killed myself with stress and lost a fair amount of weight in my book a couple years back. The advent of the antidepressants caused me to gain it back. I need new clothes again since all my fat clothes were retired and replaced with skinnier clothes. The issue is the finances again.

Ok...enough of my belly aching.....onto the happy stuff!

I am once again amazed at the support and love of friends that I have. I've made some fantastic friends through the blog world and I love them to pieces! They have been here for me through some pretty nasty break downs this last year. Bless them for dealing with me. And please know that I have their backs when they need me.

I have survived another year with no real health issues. I'm very happy for that.

I did have a couple of financial milestones too. I paid off my car and my student loan in the last year! YAY!!! That feels awesome!

Crazy enough, things with the hubby got better now that we both have new phones. He now understands text messaging and actually communicates more.

I still have a job. That is a great thing. I could have been fired over nothing this last year and still sitting on unemployment. I'm thankful that I have something that pays me a paycheck on a regular basis.

Hopes for the New Year? We shall see. I want to be more financially in shape. I want to lose some of this weight back off. I want to find a job that only drives me a little batty instead of unpredictably insane. Hope everyone is having a good holiday and isn't too hung over!

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Saucy Wildcat said...

Awww. Thanks hun!
Hope you have an awesome 2010!