06 January 2010

Morning from the Road!

This may be a first for me blogging at this hour of day. I'm up early to by my standards to do some work here in lovely Philadelphia. I have to leave in a half hour and I just need to finish my makeup and my hair so I figured I'd pop a little post in here.

It's been a pretty good trip so far. I'm an idiot and forgot to bring any ibuprofen with me and I have had a splitting headache and a sore throat. I ended up clearing out the vending machine for ibuprofen and asprin. $3 spent on a dose of each! I really need to find a drug store today.

I did fail security yesterday. I had a wine bottle opener in my carry on that I did not know was in there. I looked through that bag the whole night before and could not find it. So I was the douche that held up the screening line. The initial dude doing the bag xray took my story and flagged off the bag search dude from sending me in for more questioning. I'm a lover y'all, not a terrorist. So moral of the story is, I lost my travel wine bottle opener :(

I did score my first real Philly cheesesteak last night :) I found my way to Geno's and scored a cheez wit. It was very good but I was still hungry after eating it! I guess it didn't help that the only thing I ate otherwise yesterday was breakfast. I'm not sure what or if I will get to eat dinner here tonight.

This brings me to my last tid bit. I flew my happy ass all the way out here and find out last night the customer is not ready for me. I can't blame me. I can't blame the dealer. I can only blame the customer. This is one time where the customer isn't always right and will have to pay dearly for it. I'm waiting to find out if the office can get me an earlier flight otherwise I may be out here doing some site seeing :)

Well, time to go paint on my game face :)

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Anonymous said...

They must have been profiling.