09 January 2010

Week In Review

What a hectic week!

I started off the week with meeting a blogger whom I've been waiting to meet for a very very long time! It was a fantastic meeting except for the plague that overcame said blogger. I felt horrible but was not trading that visit for anything. Laughs were shared. A good meal was had. And just an all around enjoyable visit.

Tuesday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat but didn't think much of it since I snored my head off in a dry hotel room. I flew out to Philly that day for work and had a pretty uneventful flight. I was just to the damn airport way too freakin early. I arrived in Philly and really didn't have any major problems finding my hotel. I was booked in an awesome place! I had a freakin apartment instead of a room!

All seemed great except that my head was splitting in 3 and I had no freakin advil on me. I moved into a new travel bag for this trip and missed putting in the most basic of things for me. I ended up spending $3 on a dose of motrin and a dose of asprin. That did the trick and I was off for my dinner!

Before heading out for dinner I did get a phone call from the local contact saying that this trip was almost pointless because the customer was ready for me. Asswipes. Looks like that trip is going to be cut very short. I better get my goals for free time done right away. The biggest goal was to find a famous Philly cheese steak sammich. I did find my way to Geno's and ordered me up a wiz wit. I toted the goods back to my room and dug in. It was ok. Nothing really to brag about.

I slept very well that night and did most of a day work and headed off to the airport to make the early trip home. The locals sent me out early incase of traffic. I was there almost 3 hours before flight time. Ugh. I hang out a bit by the doors and finally checked the boards. Flight delayed a little more than an hour. Fuck. This sucks. I finally checked in and headed towards the gate. Security was a ball with a pat down this time around. They must have been bored at that hour. I ate a real meal and continued to wait. The flight kept getting more and more delayed. After it was all said and done, it was 3 hours behind schedule for take off. During the day it wouldn't be so bad but with it being at night, 3 hours means a lot. I finally made it home at 3 am. I at least convinced work to let me come in at 10 instead of 8. I really hate my job. They figure you should be on the clock 8a-5p M-F no matter what you do after hours or weekends. I'm sure there's some labor law against that.

That day of work was very unproductive. Then it hit me. My throat was swelling and I was miserable. I decided to hit the clinic on the way home and ended up spiking a fever from hell on the drive. I made it through urgent care quickly but had a douche of a doctor. Strep test and heres some antibiotics and just take advil for the pain. I tried to address my concern for the swelling and the lack of pain control with advil but decided to quit because he started looking at me like I was a drug seeker. I did not want narcs, I just wanted some steroids for the swelling. By the next morning, I was rough. I could barely swallow bits of water and it was not pretty. Luckily my family doctor was ok with just a phone call to change the antibiotic and put me on steroids. Those started kicking after a few hours and I'm on the mend. My nose has turned into a faucet. I can swallow liquids but mac and cheese kicked my ass. I have today and tomorrow to make a dramatic recovery. I'm flying out again Monday to Philly to finish what I was suppose to do last week.

Any suggestions for a good cheese steak in Philly? Another other food musts or things that are a must see while I'm there? Anybody going to be there and want to meet up for some drinks?


Hubman said...

I remember your tweets from the airport, I had no idea that rest of your week was so eventful as well!

Sorry, never been to Philly, so I don't have any suggestions...

Sugardaddy said...

There is a nice Diner in China Town across the street from the Hampton. Bout the extent of my Philly experience.