11 January 2010

Greetings from the Skies and Other Big News!

Greetings from the friendly skies! (Well when I'm writing this atleast. Have to post it when I land.) I'm sitting in lovely 10 A on this modified sling shot going back to Philly for this week. I truly love a company that recognizes Monday and Friday as dedicated travel days. Bursting out a full day of work before or after a flight is just painful.

The flight is pretty empty. I don't have anyone sitting next to me so its a score! I'm not a huge I flight talker. I was once because I sat next to the guy on both legs of the flight. Didn't hurt that he was nice to look at either ;)

If I were a guy I wouldn't hit on me today. Did nothing to the hair. No makeup. Jeans and a frumpy fleece pullover that has been gifted with presents of fur from the cats. No matter how hard I try I always end up with fur on this thing. I'm just happy I'm not in jammie pants and t-shirts. I do also have real shoes on. I've noticed how many girls are just walking. Around the airport in just slippers. Come on. Grow up. Show some respect. The first time I flew as a kid my mother made us dress up in dress clothes for the plane ride. She also made us wear pads because she had a friend who's period started on a flight and in her mind that equated to planes induce menses. Bless her heart.

Speaking of menses, I've been holding a secret for a little while now. I wanted some of my closests blog friends to learn about it from me before reading it on here. So here we go. It's time for ol' AC to dust off the baby making plumbing and put it to use! Hubby gave the green light so its on! I've already consulted the crotch doc on this and boy am I in for a wild ride! My plumbing has issues. He told me there is probably no way I can conceive without intervention. First up is the clomid. I discussed it with hubby and he agreed after explaining my malfunctioning parts. I've been playing phone tag with the doc office for a week now. I've got the green flag to start the drugs pending a negative pregnancy test. Unfortunately the piss on a stick results don't count. I will be swinging by for blood test on the way home Friday. So with any hope I can start the drugs that day to start cleaning out the shop since that hasn't happened since November. Gotta clean up the joint before having visitors right?

Of course there's a chance of multiples with doing the drug route. I'd be OK with twins. Triplets would be a manageable nightmare. More than that would scare the ever loving shit out of me. I did notice that the dose I'm starting on is 4x the normal dose to start with. Scared? A bit. But I'm also completely shut down and fat so I'm sure that's why.

I don't want to turn this into a mommy blog by any means. I'm sure until I hear my baby scream there will be tough times that I'll just need to vent.

Wow. That feels good to get out.

Damn boring view up here. Everything is clouded over below. Just like sitting on white sheets on a hotel bed. Nothing very exciting. Wish I could nap. The drugs from this plague are still flowing freely. They have me wide awake and grinding my teeth. I did not sleep much last night due to it and can't sleep now. I should quit rambling and play some games on here. Tah tah for now!


Dana said...

Congratulations? Not sure that's the right thing to say, but you sound excited so maybe it *is* appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the kid making. Remember the more you practice the better the chances. Keep us posted.

Saucy Wildcat said...

My Drama Queen is a product of Clomid. You should know though, that stuff is a bitch - makes you all kinda moody. Just be ready for it. I'd be happy to offer advice, even its been 13 years ago. Fire me an email. Good luck.

Average Chick said...

Thank you every one! I appreciate the love :) This is exciting and scary at the same time!