12 January 2010

Thoughts and Debates For The Day

First off it's been rattling in my mind that I've been paying for birth control pills every damn month for the last 12 years and obviously I didn't need them. Go figure.

Second, I had a debate today with a guy at my worksite about city living vs country living. Philly is a big city in my book. He said he can't stay outside of the city for more than a week. I, on the other hand, can't spend more than a week in a city with out going crazy. This city is driving me especially nuts. The streets make no sense. I can get around better in downtown Chicago! The width of the one ways is also nerve wracking. Parking? Jeeze! There is nowhere to park! I've never seen cars parked in the median of a city street until last night! Gas station? What gas stations? Grocery store? I found a freakin Whole Foods and took it up the ass on next to nothing!

So back to this debate. This guy Google mapped up my town. He then proceeded to tell me I live in a big city! He said that my town is a big city because the houses are close together, the perimeter of the city is surrounded with a major highway on all sides, there is a city hall, and a bus line. Yeah. I don't think that makes it. I proceeded to point out that all those houses that were close together also had driveways so they didn't park on the road. The bus line is rarely used by the general public. It's usually used by the mentally handicapped, super poor immigrants, and yuppies who are concerned about their carbon footprint. He still maintains his stance that I live in a big city. So that got me thinking, at what point is a city a big city? What features does it have besides an ass load of people?


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Brian said...

I live in the burbs around Rochester, NY. We have all the things your worksite buddy says makes a city big. We also have many of the dis-qualifiers you mention.

But here's some more qualifiers:

Major league teams in baseball, football, basketball and/or hockey.

Phlharmonic AND ballet.

Major Division I college sports.

Rochester falls short in those categories, and the city pop is 200,000-ish. (County is 800K though)